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Public Message #1

2010-12-13 10:56:26 by PixelArt

PixelArt is currently working on a android game, pixel style (well duh).

Due to legal reasons I can't go public with what it involves yet, no, It's not abuse and yes, it will be rated E for Everyone.
The paid game is scheduled to launch the 1st of March 2011, and unlike most other android games,
will have FULL support.
Don't like something? Send me a message, an email, a comment, or such and we'll deeply consider (You're not being screwed. "Consider if most players will like the change") putting it into the game.

More news on this later.


Part two of the first public message from PixelArt, consist of looking for workers.

Basically, the deal will work like this;
You give us a resource, we'll give you PR.
(Included in the credits, in the app description and such, with a link to your website/newgrounds acc)
Everybody wins.
Currently Looking for Game Music;
Industrial, oldschool game music, bass.

Job Taken

CEO of PixelArt